55 Easy Tips & Tricks To Get More Followers On Instagram


Here you’ll find a community of fellow wanderlusters and adventurers. Try including some genuinely useful tips or insights in your caption. You could try sharing a personal story to evoke a more emotional reaction. Test your own Instagram posts with a variety of hashtag amounts, and see what works best. Use your Facebook followers to find Instagram followers.

It’s important to keep in mind that more engagement also results in higher chances of appearing on users’ Explore page on Instagram. Also keep in mind that most top Instagram accounts use high quality DSLR cameras for much of their original photography. Some bigger accounts still use iPhone cameras because it matches their style and spontaneity. This may also vary depending on your niche, but here’s a useful chart that Sprout Social put together displaying the overall best posting times of the day and week.

Buying followers is equally bad as using dirty hashtags, if not worse. Glick’s Instagram page first took off in 2014 when he posted a picture of himself in a stylish outfit, sipping on some coffee. He included the hashtag “#coffeenclothes” in the caption, apparently just as a bit of clever humor. The type of hashtags you should be using will be relevant to your niche and include specific keywords that provide value in specific areas. Until you’re getting completely flooded with likes and comments, make an effort to reply every time you can.

The only way of dramatically increasing your Instagram followers in a very short period of time is with viral content. Again, much easier said than done, and it does require a fair bit of luck. Personally, I’ve never had a piece of content go viral on Instagram (still trying!) but I know people who have seen great success from it. It keeps them interested and who doesn’t love a little free publicity?

Keep your voice consistent across all your content marketing, be it on Instagram or your website’s blog. Instagram’s Snapchat copycat product is starting to pick up steam. If you’re serious about your Instagram strategy, start taking some time to update your Snapchat story with any exciting news or new products. To increase engagement on your Stories, consider introducing limited-time discounts to post on your Stories. Though other social platforms aren’t as fully linked to Instagram as Facebook is, it’s still a good practice to reach out to the audiences you’ve built on other platforms.

You should do your own research into when your followers are active. You can also monitor your posts to see what days and times perform best. Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags per post, so don’t hold back! Do your research by searching for competitors or other influencers in your field and see what hashtags they use. You can also do a search on Influencer Marketing Hub to find out the popularity of any hashtag.

The best strategy to be successful on Instagram is to be socially active and be trustworthy. As a business, having a well-defined number of followers on your Instagram profile is a primary factor to be approved for Instagram Shopping. You can now connect your eCommerce business or surface products across Facebook Commerce by establishing your Shop through Facebook Business Partners.

After all, it was established later than Facebook and Twitter. We’ve expanded our reach and gained new customers by building relationships with bloggers, designers and other well-connected fashion aficionados and fans. Photos are how people communicate on Instagram & the app is a great way to share your story with the world.

Explore your favorite hashtags to find other users and brands who are posting similar content. Read more about buy IG packages here. Like and comment on their photos to get your name out there and make some new connections. Instagram makes it easy to track your followers and post’s impressions. If you are looking to gain a large amount of followers on Instagram, be sure to switch your personal page to a business profile so you can track your insights.

For most users, the only link that works is in your profile. There, you can indicate a landing page, lead to a website, or even direct users to your latest blog article. In addition to your own followers, you should also target Instagram users who also share good content.



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