How Many Followers Do You Need On Tiktok To Get Paid?


You can become extremely wealthy with Tiktok if you have enough fans, according to this article, some of the top Tiktok stars earn up to $5,000,000 per year. This also does not include revenue from outside the platform such as selling merchandise etc. Use our calculator to find out how much money these top TikTok stars earn just from views alone.

His amazing editing skills that give illusionary effects to the viewers has gained him around 50M followers on TikTok. Read more about buy TT Views here. There are many young influencers who find it difficult to interact and sign contracts with the brands. You can open an influencer agency where you manage the interaction between influencer and brand as a middleman. On TikTok, you can make an account through email or connect a social media app with it.

Since the creator fund is still pretty much in its infancy, it’s hard to get an accurate idea behind the average earnings of creators. Some creators have reported earning around $.02 – $.05 per 1,000 views while others have reported earning around $.10 – $.15 per 1000 views. It’s safe to say that your earnings will vary based on your niche, audience engagement and audience size. There are even entire communities of content creators who earn money on the app by making videos with sponsored content, including sponsors like Red Bull.

Our team is service-minded and has the technical know-how to deliver the best possible service. We would want you to see Celebian as a sustainable option for your account development. We don’t want you to get stuck with buying engagement from us, we want you to succeed with your account and you should see Celebian as a tool for kick-starting that growth. If you’re already using the Creator Account, you can get access through invitation or self-application. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be invited to join and set a rate for sponsored videos on your profile page.

You should never give out your password to buy views or other services before the delivery. We created the packages in such a way to provide your TikTok account with views from followers relevant to your content. TikTok does not have an official policy about buying services, followers, or more views.



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