How To Add Links To Instagram Stories


Stories, like other short-form content, thrives on the unique. Consider these ways that Stories can boost your strategy, think about what your audience wants to see, and let your creativity take you from there. Boomerang is a weird mode that takes a series of photos and then combines them together into a short video. The catch is that instead of looping, it plays through normally and then plays back again in reverse. Swipe to the right to go back to the previous account’s story. Swipe to the left to go on to the next account’s story.

Browse any public account and watch their stories on our website with the peace of mind knowing that the user will never see you viewed their content. 37.4% of US internet users will access Instagram once a month. If you’re still to utilize Instagram to the best of your ability, it’s never too late.

People want things that are reserved for a few or that are in limited supply and high demand. We are always more interested in stuff that is scarce and don’t take things as seriously when it is abundant and readily available. This is the law of exclusivity that you need to follow in your ads. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for every media format. If your company has a special event or sale coming up, let your customers know!

They’ll easily be able to save and reshare their Snaps to Instagram Stories anyways. And anyone who’s dipped their toe into Snapchat and found it fun but couldn’t rebuild a following there may revel in this new playground built inside Instagram. But Instagram may have found a breakthrough for solving this problem. Instead of burying a Snapchat competitor in another app people don’t need, it’s put it front and center of one they use all the time. And instead of trying to be special with weird mechanics like Slingshot’s reply-to-reveal content, it’s cloned Snapchat Stories down to the pixel because it’s already proven to work.

It’s perfect for individuals who occasionally conduct polls to determine which photo to share or for those who only wish to post a photo to their story rather than their feed. You’ll notice a small heart icon next to the paper-airplane icon along the bottom menu bar when viewing someone’s Instagram story once the Story likes feature is enabled for your account. 3 | Now post to the feed and tell people to check out your Story and click the link for more info. 15%–25% of people swipe up on a link in branded Stories. These could be in the form of a series of photos or videos.

Since you’re using Instagram for business, you already have your profile public, so that means anyone can see your Stories. Your followers are primarily the people who will see your Stories, since yours will appear at the top of their app with the rest of the Insta Stories from the people they follow. If you feel like branded icons would fit your company better, you can do this one of two ways. You can upload those icons as Stories and then save them to your Highlights. Or you can open up a Highlight, click “edit cover” and then choose your branded icon as an image from your camera roll.

Brazil was the original testing ground for this product. Instagram stories stats show that it’s already becoming a strong competition for its main rival TikTok, especially in terms of influencer marketing. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the stats and facts below to get the full, well, story. You can also add links to your Instagram Story posts, driving users to your homepage, blog, product pages or wherever you choose. This way, if the hashtag is used in a Story, it’ll at least take people to a collection of posts related to your brand. Unlike the dimensions for standard square Instagram posts, stories are shot vertically.

Stories are a great testing ground for content types and topics you might want to try out in your posts. Read more about buy Instagram Likes here. (This post covers organic Instagram strategy. Using Stories and regular posts for paid advertising is also an option). This post breaks down how you can create Stories and posts that work together to form a deeper connection with your audience on Instagram. Instagram Storiesoffer a great opportunity for using your social media channel to connect with your audience. Mikayla is our social and community engagement specialist at WordStream (follow us!). Her interests include jammy red wine and trying to find the best breakfast taco in town.

The ads were designed to work with and without sound, communicating the message that customers can find flash sales and other compelling offers on Enel’s site. By giving people something to relate to, you add a personalized approach to engagement. You can let them peek into your workday, the atmosphere at the office, or the preparation of their favorite products. This will humanize your brand—showing fans that you’re not a robot while giving them the sense they’re part of something bigger.



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