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Water Fountains Water fountains are conveniently located throughout the stadium on each level outside each set of restrooms. Visiting Team Guests Fans of the visiting teams are guest as well. Verbal or physical harassment of the fans of the visiting team or their guests will be considered unruly behavior and may lead to ejection, loss of season tickets/PSLs or possible arrest. Suites MetLife Stadium has over 200 suites that range from guests per room with interiors designed by David Rockwell. The majority of suites are spread across three suite levels (Levels 3, 5 & 6). There are also suites featured behind the seating area of our 100 Concourse called the Commissioner’s Club and Concourse Suites.

The Tag-A-Fan program returns lost children/fans to their ticketed seat. Free ID bracelets display the fan’s seat location, making it easy for event staff and law enforcement to reunite separated parties. To locate a lost child/fan or to sign up, go to the nearest Guest Services booth or notify event staff. Host your next private event at Tampa’s premier sporting and entertainment venue, Raymond James Stadium.

Guests are encouraged to instruct children in their group to find an event staff member if they become lost or separated from their group. Lost children or fans will be taken to the nearest Guest Services booth. The party looking for the child or person should follow the same procedure. As a preventive measure, all Guest Services booths inside the stadium offer the Tag-A-Fan Program.

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