How To Increase Your Youtube Watch Time


Watch this video by Meet Kevin that talks about buying your first rental property. Tell your audience the truth about becoming a real estate agent. You can debunk common myths people have about the job or you can even do an expectation vs reality video, like this one by Loida Velasquez. You can discuss how macro trends and developments will impact your audience’s day-to-day lives, like this video on COVID-19 and its effects on the global economy. Recap videos work best for movies with multiple sequels and TV series. You can either do a quick recap of the last movie or seasonor you can also do an explainer videoto help your audience understand the plot so far.

YouTube is a great video platform and can earn you a livelihood. Learn how you can start streaming and monetizing videos with OTT TV. It’s never been easier to measure and understand the impact of video. While the number and types of metrics can be overwhelming, remember to stick with what’s relevant to you.

Dig into our complete guide to YouTube marketing to start building a truly unique strategy for the platform. During the last 365 days, he’s created 525 Shorts, which have received a total of 4.4 billion views and 174 million engagements. Read more about buy YouTube Subscribers here. Created by Xavier Mortimer, a magician and variety performer from the South of France, the video was uploaded on Jan. 21, 2021.

YouTube has become a ubiquitous part of our online world, one where privacy is an issue. Your video-watching habits may be open for the world to see, along with your likes, dislikes, and more. If you create and upload videos, you could accidentally give away private information like your address or phone number. If we just look at the United States, 73,700 accounts have created 2.4 million videos, which have received a total of 433 billion views and 14.8 billion engagements.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for lights when starting. Since lighting is a mixture of science and art, a basic set will help you create a professional-looking video. Below are the daily watch time and views stats followed by audience demographic information. Digital marketing as a whole has been shifting strongly towards the value of quality over quantity. Being an influencer can be very lonely and competitive.

You are trying to build brand authority and awareness, so it’s smart to include branding wherever possible. These won’t be popular YouTube tags yet but be consistent with this approach, and hopefully, you’ll grow your reach gradually. With that said, you can use your description to include hashtags, another helpful element for video discovery. The topic of hashtags is a subject for another article, but it’s worth taking time to learn how to use those effectively to promote your videos, as well.

Ur Youtube guide here helps you build your Youtube channel from scratch, give your audience the content they want to see, AND make money from it. And check this resource out for even more tips on how to make money on YouTube. Phil Nottingham is a marketing strategist who specialises in video SEO and brand strategy and search engine optimization. YouTube video titles work best when they entice the reader with a clear promise. They should also provide additional context when paired with the thumbnail.

Shoot a travel documentary that goes into deeply understanding the place, its history, culture, climate, people, and other important factors. These videos are preferred by people who do not just travel but are also super keen to know the history and cultural heritage of a place. If you’re a traveling enthusiast, talk about how you planned your travel itinerary, how you budgeted your spending, and give your audience a travel guide. Review products like cereal, pancake mix, chocolate spread, etc., and help your audience choose the best from all the available variants. Show your audience how to recreate favourite dishes from movies and TV shows like this video where Babish makes the famous Ratatouillefrom Disney’s Ratatouille.



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