November 25, 2020

Rahul Gandhi Attacks Govt over Lockdown Failure


Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has today targeted the Narendra Modi government at the Center, regarding the growing cases of Corona virus in the country. Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference that all four phases of lockdown are a failure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the first phase of lockdown for initial 21 days, but to no avail. The PM must tell the nation what is his strategy ahead.


Rahul Gandhi said, “What has happened should not have happened. Now the country must know what is the strategy of our government. About 60 days of lockdown have been completed. But instead of decreasing, this epidemic is increasing day by day. “He said,” migrant workers are worried. How will the government overcome their problems and troubles?”

On the question that Modi government does not take opposition seriously, Rahul Gandhi said that our job is to put pressure on the government. I had said in February that the situation would be more dangerous.” Regarding employment, Rahul said that the government needs to do a lot of work on the economic front. The government should give cash to the people. The government should transfer at least 50 percent of the cash to Rs 7500 per month.

This is Rahul Gandhi’s third direct interaction with the media in last 2 weeks.

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