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With the rise of Air Pollution in India, You simply can’t neglect the need for breathing Clean and Pure Air. In this Post, I am going to List Down the Best Air Purifiers in India.

The Air Quality In India is degrading at an Alarming Rate. “Previously, China used to be the Most Polluted regarding Air Quality. But Now, It’s India“.

When you speak of air pollution, the first things that come to mind are industrial, vehicular, and other kinds of outdoor pollution.

In a way, it is right. But, have you ever wondered how polluted is the indoor air that you breathe in your house?

Naturally, you will frown when I ask you this question. Normally, we expect the indoor air to be pure. You will be surprised to know that the indoor air can be worse than the outdoor air as far as pollution is concerned.


Best Air Purifier in India

1. Mi 2s Portable Room Air Purifier

Manufactured by Xiaomi, this air purifier has a lot of exciting features. Let us look at them in brief.

This air purifier purifies the room in just about 10 minutes. This is one of the top air purifiers to safeguard your family’s health. You have high-quality particle sensors that allow you to monitor the air quality accurately.

The best aspect of this air purifier is that it covers all the corners of your room. This air purifier has an activated carbon filter that can tackle impure air from all directions and eliminate impurities like formaldehyde, bad odour, and other harmful substances.

This purifier takes inspiration from aircraft engines as it creates high air pressure thereby offering larger circulation. This helps to pump clean air and distribute to all corners of your room. Controlling the purifier is also easy. Download the Mi Home app and control the purifier from your mobile phone.

This purifier’s sensor is capable of detecting PM2.5 concentration in the air. This allows you to have real-time readings on the phone. The air purifier works silently because of the advances Japanese motor from Nidec.

2. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier (White) 

This is a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption) filter. It works on a 5-stage purification process comprising of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA layer 1, HEPA layer 2, and the VitaShield IPS.

This air purifier gives protection against the H1N1 virus in addition to filtering out dust, pollen, mites, and animal dander.

Working silently, this air purifier allows you to set the timer whereby it turns off automatically. This is an intelligent purifier in the sense that it notifies you when to change the filters. The child lock feature is a novel one. Easy to carry around anywhere in the house, this is a highly portable air purifier.

3. Kent Aura Portable Room Air Purifier

The indoor air of the average Indian home requires purification because of the high level of allergens and pollen. You can also find animal dander in addition to the normal dust. Kent air purifier makes a genuine attempt to purify the air. Let us look at some of the salient features of this best air purifier for home.

Working on the HEPA technology from Japan, this air purifier is capable of trapping harmful pollutants and filtering them from the room. This technology is also useful to eliminate PM2.5 suspended particulate matter. The carbon activated filter removes the bad odour such as cigarette smoke, dust, and pet odour.

The in-built ionizer freshens up the room. This air purifier does a continuous monitoring of the air quality with the in-built light sensors. The filter change alarm is an excellent feature of this air purifier. This air purifier is one of the few that works absolutely silently. The child lock feature is one of the several user-friendly functions such as 8-hour timer and three different speed settings.

4. Honeywell 53-Watt Room Air Purifier, HAC25M1201W

The Honeywell air purifier has a CADR of 250 m3/hr that is perfect for purifying the air over an area of 323 sqft.

This air purifier has a long-lasting filter capable of running for about 3000 hours. Thus, if you use the appliance for about 8 hours daily, the filter will last you an entire year. The three-stage filtration process removes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses from the indoor air. This is an environmentally friendly air purifier because the appliance does not emit any ozone.

The HEPA filter is capable of treating PM2.5 particulate matter and pollen in addition to animal hair. This machine takes care of harmful gases like formaldehyde, VOCs, and eliminates bad odour as well.

Alternatively, if you cannot affor Air Purifier, atleast get yourself air masks in this dangerous Delhi Weather.

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